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Original Victorian and Contemporary Paintings
Highland landscape painting by J Brill
Highland landscape painting by John Henry Boel
Highland landscape painting by Breanski
Highland landscape painting by Prudence Turner
Highland cattle painting by J Crawford
Highland cattle painting by T H Gibb
Highland landscape painting by John Suker
Highland landscape painting by Joel Owen
Highland landscape painting by E Swift
Highland landscape painting by Francis Jamieson

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Premier Paintings does not buy or sell paintings. We advertise paintings for sale on behalf of customers who then sell their paintings direct to buyers without any further involvement by Premier Paintings.

We specialise in Victorian Paintings but also advertise contemporary paintings. Our Victorian paintings feature popular subjects like Scottish highland landscapes, mountains, lochs and highland cattle. Artists include Horatio McCulloch, Samuel John Barnes, Breanski, George Armfield, David Bates, Bannister and Francis Jamieson. Our contemporary collection features popular and sought after artists such as David Dipnall, Wendy Reeves, Hilary Scoffield and Prudence Turner.

Feature artists - David Dipnall | Samuel John Barnes

Cash in the Attic

If you find a long lost Victorian painting in your attic, are left one in a will or simply want to sell a painting you own you can advertise it for sale on this specialist website. We can't guarantee it will sell but if you price it right you will have a reasonable chance of realising what it is worth for a modest fee.

How it Works

On this website we provide a straightforward service that delivers easy viewing of Victorian paintings or contemporary paintings together with information about the artists where possible. Buyers contact sellers direct to purchase a painting or to request more information.

First browse through our selection of Victorian or contemporary paintings and read about the artists that created these works of art. Then contact the seller direct to negotiate a purchase.

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Victorian Paintings Contemporary Paintings
Allan, Robert Weir Deutscher, Sue
Armfield, Edward Dipnall, David
Armfield, George Smith Frost, Lynne
Bannister, A F D Kent, Denis
Barber, Thomas Stanley Kitching, George W
Barnes, Samuel John Lamb, Leslie
Bates, David Last, Myra
Bell, A D McIntosh Patrick, James
Bille, Sten McKay, Peter
Blamires, A T Munro, Peter
Boel, John Henry Palmer, Anthony
Boodle, Walter Pickworth, Charles
Bowing, Louis Reeves, Wendy
Breanski, Alfred Fontville De (Junior) Scoffield, Hilary
Breanski, Alfred Fontville De (Senior) Selby, Vincent
Brill, J Shearer, Donald M
Buckley, Charles Frederick Shepherd, David
Cambell, Tom Taylor, D C
Chalmers Park, James Turner, Prudence
Coates, L A Williams, Peter
Cook, Herbert Moxon Wood, Tracey
Cooper, S J  
Crawford, J  
Crichton, Neil Stuart  
Cubley, Henry Hadfield  
Davis, H B  
Docharty, Alexander Brownlie  
Earp, William Henry  
Ferrier, James  
Fox, John Shirley  
Fraser, Alexander T  
Frater, C  
Fullwood, Albert Henry  
Gibb, T H  
Harford, Albert  
Hider, Frank  
Hodges, Oliver  
Hurt, Louis Bosworth  
Jamieson, Francis E  
Keating, Tom  
Keeley, John  
Kilburne, George Goodwin  
Laarhoven, J van  
Lamond, William Bradley  
Langley, William  
Lawes, Harold  
Lewis, A  
Ludovici, Albert Jnr  
Lynne, F  
Manners, William  
McCulloch, Horatio  
McDougall, Norman  
McGregor, J  
McGregor W  
Morris, J  
Morten, E H  
Mortimer, Thomas  
Nisbet, Robert Buchan  
Norris, J D  
Oswald, Charles W  
Ottewell, John Benjamin  
Owen, Joel  
Oyston, George  
Pollitt, Albert  
Ramus, Aubrey  
Rattray, Alexander Wellwood  
Rawson, Henry  
Rennie, John, Blair  
Richards, L  
Richards, W  
Roe, Clarence  
Roe, Colin Graeme  
Rousse, Frank  
Searle, W  
Sherrin, Reginald Daniel  
Slater, John Falconar  
Smith, E  
St John, Edwin  
Stewart, Henry  
Stewart, William  
Suker, John  
Swift, E  
Syer, John Jnr  
Thompson, Edward Horace  
Vernon. Ellen  
Walters, Frank  
Ward, H  
Williams, Graham  
Wilson, Claude  
Wilson, Ellis  
Woolard, William  
Clarence Roe painting of a Stag in the Scottish Highlands
Highland landscape painting by Francis Jamieson
Highland landscape painting by Thomas Stanley Barber
Highland landscape painting by Francis Jamieson
Highland landscape painting by Francis Jamieson
Highland landscape painting by Francis Jamieson
Highland cattle painting by Charles W Oswald
Highland cattle painting by Charles W Oswald