George Armfield Smith

Victorian Artist

George Armfield Smith (1808 - 1893), also known as George Smith Armfield or George Armfield, was born in Bristol in 1808. He was the son of a distinguished portrait painter, William Armfield Hobday (1771-1831), who taught him how to paint. He also had a brother, William Armfield, who painted in a similar style.

Armfield was one of the finest animal painters on record. He was most noted for his oil portraits of domestic animals for which he received commissions. He painted horses, dogs and other animals. He particularly liked to paint sporting dogs such as hounds, terriers and spaniels. Towards the end of his life his eyesight failed him and he was reduced to working on small canvases with the aid of a powerful lens. Exhibited: British Institution (1839). RA (1840). An online gallery of the work of George Armfield can be viewed on the Rehs Galleries website.

George Armfield Smith painting

George Armfield Smith

Hungry terriers by a bowl