Tom Keating

Victorian Artist

Tom Keating (1918 - 1984) was an infamous art forger and art restorer who reputedly forged the work of more than one hundred artists. He went to great lengths to generate misleading provenances for his paintings. This included acquiring old frames containing Christie's auction labels and installing new pictures in the style of the original artists. Keating's profession was art restoration but he also painted houses for additional income. Although he did exhibit his own work he was never successful in his own right and he remains famous for his forgeries to this day. Keating believed the art world to be corrupt with critics and dealers pursuing vested interests in declaring which art that should be valued and respected. His response to this was to forge in order to mislead the so-called experts. His plan was to undermine the system. He often incorporated clues into his work which he could subsequently expose as proof of his intentions. Keating's own favourite was Rembrandt, who's style he revered and copied. Henry Cooper, the boxer, was a collector of Keating's work as were other celebrities. Since his death his paintings have become increasingly sought after and now attain good prices at auction.

Tom Keating painting

Tom Keating

Cattle grazing in a Field