Horatio McCulloch

Victorian Artist

Horatio McCulloch (1805-1867) was a British landscape painter. He was born in Glasgow, where he studied for a year with John Knox (1778 - 1845). He was named after Horatio Nelson. Horatio McCulloch worked for a time in Cumnock, near Glasgow where he painted pictures on the lids on snuff-boxes. He later moved to Edinburgh where he became an illustrator. While in Edinburgh he was influenced by the artist John Thomson, 1778 - 1840. Horatio McCulloch returned to Glasgow in 1827 where he established himself as a landscape artist before returning to Edinburgh in 1838. Although he lived to the south of the Highlands of Scotland Horatio McCulloch frequently visited the Highlands to paint magnificent landscapes. He was elected to the Royal Scottish Academy in 1838. Galleries: Perth

Horatio McCulloch painting

Horatio McCulloch

Lowland river