Wendy Reeves

Contemporary Artist

Wendy Reeves is a contemporary landscape artist born in Surrey in 1944. After moving to Spain in her twenties her painting style was influenced by the local landscapes which she depicted in oils and other media. She later returned to the UK where she continued to find inspiration from local landscapes including the mountains of Scotland. Wendy Reeves also painted Irish landscapes. The work of Wendy Reeves is well reproduced in print form for which there is a now a well established market. Paintings by Wendy Reeves are now well sought after and offer a sound investment opportunity.

Wendy Reeves painting

Wendy Reeves

Mountain Landscape

Image size: 29"" x 19"
Frame size: 33" x 23"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Item number: reeves0010
Contact: 07812 152 263

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